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Vitilicaps 60 Softgels 750mg & Vitiligel 100 ml

Vitilicaps 60 Softgels 750mg & Vitiligel 100 ml
a 100% biological powerful antioxidant


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Vitilicaps 60 Softgels 750mg & Vitiligel 100 ml
Product No.: LLR295

$ 202,90

Oral systematic treatment, a 100% biological powerful antioxidant, increases cutaneous micro-circulation, contributes to the cellular nutrition of melanocytes, acts at the level of cellular neurotransmitters, blocks the destructive effects of oxidative shock and strengthens and potentiates the cutaneous topic treatment of VITILIGEL.

86% of those affected and treated saw their white spots disappear after 6 months of uninterrupted treatment with VITILIGEL + VITILICAPS

Experimental dermatology on 50 patients - Padova, Italy

before & after


Active ingredients: 100% biological Lycopene, Resveratrol, PABA, Selenium, Omega 3, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Polyphenols of Green Tea and Zinc.

Major role in the treatment of Vitiligo by the Similitude-Action-Boost effect, it penetrates the core of melanocytes by a macro-biological action, blocks the destructive effects of oxidative shock, avoids killing off the melanocytes (Leukoderma) which is responsible for the production of melanin thanks to tocotrienols and guarantees the survival and multiplication of the surviving melanocytes.

Restores the production of melanin first strongly disrupted by attacks of free radicals on the cellular support producers of cutaneous pigment. Energizing cellular, protector of the skin, slows down cutaneous aging. Constitute an innovative approach in the treatment of vitiligo because it treats every triggering factor of vitiligo. Neuro-energizing action which reduces the neuro-sensory attacks responsible for reduction in melanosome production.

Omega 3:
Fatty acids which have beneficial effects on neurobiological oxidative shock (at the chemical level), reduces the rate of catecholamine (sulfating) phenols secreted which represent a poison for melanocytes responsible for pigmentation of the skin. They protect the skin from any external attacks, smoke, micro-particles, ozone, skin-care creams, make-up containing solvents, and carcinogenic additives. They constitute the protective barrier of the skin and the melanocytes. They act by balancing the haphazard productive supply of radicular peelings.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:
Reduces the effects of damage due to free radicals to the blood level and nerve endings. Blood, which is the nutritive agent of purified melanocytes thanks to the action of the alpha lipoic acid, potentiates the production of melanin and contributes to the proliferation of melanocytes and to regular repigmentation of the skin.

Vitamin C:
Thanks to its anti-viral action, vitamin C acts on the cytomegaloviruses identified on the skin of patients affected by vitiligo.

Vitamin E:
Anti-radical protection due to the destructive effects of UVA UVB rays (Vitamin E prevents the destruction of the protective lipid film of cutaneous cells)PABA: Natural cofactor of the B group vitamins, forms part of estrogen-vitamin. Aminobenzoic acid PABA: is recognized for its estrogenic effect, an ideal complement to a toner action on the cellular system. Primary role against the development of melanocytic diseases, protects the skin at the level of the cellular membranes, stimulates the pituitary gland, and thanks to the Tyrosine Dopamine complex it manages to correct the depigmentation of the skin by making following sequence take place:

*Tyrosine (re pigmentation)
*Domamine *(leukoderma),
*Dopaquinone - (melanocytes),
*Dopachrome (re pigmentation),
*Melanin (white spots),

Sequence significantly and permanently reducing the depigmentation of the skin due to Vitiligo. Selenium: Taking selenium on a regular basis over 6 months avoids the extension of white spots in 80% of cases. Associated with lycopene and resveratrol (carotenoids); taking selenium commonly leads to repigmentation among treated subjects in 75% of the cases. Recent studies show that the NALP1 gene is involved in T lymphocytes whose disappearance leads to vitiligo. Selenium administered orally for 6 months blocks NALP1 genes in their action on the T lymphocyte allowing normal repigmentation of discolored areas.

Green Tea:
the extracts of polyphenols in green tea improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, reinforces the consistency of the collagen and elastin fibers, increases cutaneous microcirculation and particularly cellular multiplication of melanocytes, helpful against the adverse effects of the sun, (UVA, UVB).

The impact of Zinc on vitiligo is very positive. It contains the essential nutriment for the treatment of leukoderma. It potentiates the action of the other ingredients of VITILICAPS.


Amount Per Serving

• Kcal 4,52
• kJ 18,74
• Proteins 0,140g
• Carbohydrates 0,090g
• Fats 0,392g

in particular:
• Saturated Fats 0,003g
• Monounsatured Fats 0,008g
• Unsatured 0,271g

in particular:
• EPA 0,145g
• DHA 0,06g
• Vitamin C 60,00mg
• Vitamin E 6,67mg
• p-Aminobenzoic Acid 5,00mg
• Zinc 1,50mg
• Alpha Lipoic Acid 20,00mg
• Green Tea Polyphenols 20,00mg
• Resveratrol 15,00mg
• Lycopene 6,00mg
• Selenium 5 IU


VITILIGEL Protopic cutaneous gel with nanosome particles (*100% biological micro-encapsulated lycopene) distributes essential active ingredients to the melanocytes level to regenerate them, to guarantee their survival and their multiplication in order to fight Vitiligo effectively, its anxiety-inducing and unsightly consequences until its disappearance.

VITILIGEL effectively combats the visible effects of Vitiligo, the dimension of the white spots starting from the healthy and colored edges up to the progressive disappearance of discolored areas, by means of its multiple anti-oxidant, nutritive, hormonal and repairing action.

75% of those affected and treated saw their white plaques diminish after 3 months of treatment up to their disappearances after 6 months of uninterrupted treatment.


• Back of the hands-fingers-elbows-knees: 75%
• Skin folds-armpits-genital organs: 77%
• Contours of the eyes-mouth- nose: 81%
• Legs-wrists-nipples: 70%

Active compounds: *Lycocerasome, European Centaury, Rosemary hydro sol, Madonna Lily, PABA and Rose hydro sol.

Micro-encapsulated lycopene nanosomes, 100% biological, extract without chemical solvent from biological lycopene carries and distributes the active biological ingredients essential for the regenerating-effect of melanocytes. Lycopene and the active ingredients trap the oxidant and phagocytic substances in situ which are responsible for oxidative shock by avoiding the killing off of melanocytes.

Centaurium erythraea:
This compound which is active on oxidative stress, contains *citidine, nucleotide acting as a powerful cutaneous antioxidant shield which fights the adverse effects of oxidative stress on melanocytes directly and locally. Booster effect on the immune system of the dermis by its action on the Langerhans cells.

Stimulates proliferation of the melanin on the contours of discolored areas, draws away a slow constriction of edges going up to the complete disappearance of the affected areas. It contains xanthones which are directed on the affected areas and immediately act to fight the oxidative stress by breaking apart the auto-immune reactions responsible for the disappearance of melanocytes.

Lilium candidum:
Acts at the primary fraction level of sub-cellular melanocytic particles. Immunity stimulant and protector, supports active immune functions. Remarkable action on auto-immune illnesses launches the immune defense process. Anti-oxidizing effect, improves the regeneration of melanocytes especially in the areas of the face, hands, body folds and scapulas.

Natural cofactor of the B group vitamins, forms part of estrogen-vitamin. Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is recognized for its estrogenic effect, an ideal complement to a toner action on the cellular system. Protects the skin at the cellular membrane level, stimulates the pituitary gland.


Tested under dermatological control: the clinical tests prove that after 3 months of daily application of the treatment, 75% of those affected and treated saw their white spots disappear.

Vitilicaps 60 Softgels 750mg & Vitiligel 100 ml

Vitilicaps 60 Softgels 750mg & Vitiligel 100 ml
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