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For Seniors

Spirulina of Hawai

Spirulina of Hawai

Insures a maximum energy level!


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Spirulina of Hawai
Product No.: LR848
180 capsules
$ 45,00

What is spirulina?
Spirulina is one of the cyanobacteria (blue microalgae) and grows in natural lakes in Chad, Madagascar and Mexico. Spirulina is rich in proteins (up to 70% of its dry weight), vitamins (B, E group, beta carotene), essential fatty acids (omega-3 & omega-6) as well as specific polysaccharides with antiviral, anticoagulant and immune-stimulating properties. In addition, it contains a wealth of mineral salts and trace elements such as iron, magnesium and potassium.
Spirulina algae provides a balanced diet that regulates appetite, improves athletic performance, delays aging, strengthens the immune system and combats fatigue and stress. It detoxifies the body and protects against highly carcinogenic free radicals.

Thanks to its effect on cell renewal and tissue tone, spirulina is used in the cosmetics sector as cooling masks and anti-aging creams. It is also used as a natural dye to produce chewing gum, sorbets, candy, dairy products and non-alcoholic drinks. The bacteria is found in a number of food products, for example salt, tagliatelle and bread. Spirulina stores heavy metals, which assists with kidney function. It is an excellent natural food since its high caloric value provides energy for children, the elderly and convalescent individuals. High performance athletes around the world use spirulina.

• Provides a balanced diet and regulates appetite
• Improves athletic performance
• Delays aging
• Features anticoagulant properties
• Strengthens the immune system
• Lowers cholesterol levels thanks to its omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, etc.

Iron deficiency anemia is directly linked to a lack of iron, it is one of the most frequent sickness encountered. This deficiency affects a big part of the population, essentially aged people, children and pregnant woman as well as convalescent people. The principal symptoms which distinguish this are a dry and pale skin, fragile and braking nails and a possible psychomotor delay among children. The level of Spiruline iron is 20 times superior to the level contained in spinach or even in beef liver, which until now is considered as principal provider of this dietary mineral, especially since its bioavailability is exceptional.


Nowadays, you can find on the market throughout the world ointments, creams and solutions, prepared with Spiruline in order to accelerate the wound healing. Studies demonstrate the effects of algae as an activator on the metabolism, skin and healing process.

Divers studies suggest that Spiruline stimulates the production of lactobacillus. These micro-organisms improve the digestion and the intestinal absorption and also protect the body of infections and stimulate the immune system. This characteristic would mean that Spiruline should be used against many diseases due to malabsorption. One of these diseases is AIDS (patients where the intestinal absorption is disturbed and what generates immune deficiency). These liposoluble fractions of the Spiruline diminish the level of blood glucoses.

Numerous and various components can cause Nephrotoxicity, amongst them the heavy metals: Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and certain medications. A few laboratory researches demonstrate that Spiruline reduces the neurotoxin effect of these materials. Other studies on animals demonstrate that Phycocyanin (blue colorant from Spiruline) protects the kidneys from the toxic effects of Mercury. Helps the immune system fight against highly cancerous free radicals.

People who wish to lose weight without big efforts can find help with Spiruline, due to one of the most remarkable qualities of the concentrated dietary supplement. Spiruline is the easiest digestive form of protein, which regulates the quantity of sugar in the blood to stop the hunger sensation. Due to its high level of phenylalanine Spiruline is a real appetite reducer. This amino acid is a natural appetite reducer which activates a zone based above the hypothalamus (location of the appetite command center). When Spiruline is taken on an empty stomach, it covers the stomach walls and helps produce the feeling of being full.

Researches have proven that Spiruline helps prevent diverse pathologies, principally those linked to a bad diet. It insures a maximum level of energy, easy to digest and cleans and detoxifies due to its excellent and very natural composition. It doesn’t produce any harmful effects; it is non toxic and doesn’t result into dependence. Since it helps regulate the insulin level it is benefic for diabetic people. It also has great effects on people suffering from Pancreatitis, Hepatitis and cirrhoses. It contains a big quantity of essential poly saturated fatty acids, which is why it is efficient on cholesterol. It stimulates the activity of macrophage which fights infections in the body. It improves the blood circulation and is supposed to be efficient against hypothyroidism. This algae stocks the heavy metals which help the good function of the kidneys. It is a primary natural nutrient, because it furnishes strength to children, elder and convalescent people due to its high energetic values. Using Spiruline as an athletic is very common throughout the world.

More information:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Store in a cool, dry and protected from light.

Take 6 tablets daily with a glass of water (3 morning and 3 lunch)

180 capsules

Spiruline (Spirulina platensis 495 mg).

Other Ingredients:
silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate

Spirulina of Hawai

Spirulina of Hawai
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