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Detoxi Draine

Detoxi Draine

As easy as never before!
Detoxi your body!


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Vom 11.10.2012 TEXT_OF_5_STARS

Verfasser: R.S.

I have only used the patches for three nights now left foot then right then left again - I was rather hesitant to use them originally but after seeing the colour of the pads when I removed them I was amazed - I must admit I do feel a little lightheaded of a morning and maybe this is part of the process - I will pass on to others the effect of the process and at this point in time I am sure I will repeat the process every three months

Vom 10.10.2012 TEXT_OF_5_STARS

Verfasser: R.S.

After only using patches for two nights I could not believe the colour of the pad. Used one on left foot first night then next night the right foot. Felt a little light headed first thing in the morning but am not sure whether this was caused through the elimination of toxins or not. I am so far extremely happy with what is happening.
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Detoxi Draine
Product No.: LR583
7 Patches
$ 49,00

The DETOXI DRAINE patches are to be used in the sole of the foot according to the Chinese foot reflexology tradition. The long-lasting nerve stimulation of the feet improves the congestion of blood to the treated parts of the body, which eliminates the accumulated toxins gradually and permanently.
Gradually detoxifies the body while sleeping!

What are the DETOXI DRAINE foot patches made of?
As outstanding organic reserve, the pyroligneous acid is a mixture of pure fluids from various trees (eucalyptus, bamboo and oak). It is the „blood” of these plants and transports all the nutrients that are essential for their survival. This substance contains the raw pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar, whose absorbability of toxins is acknowledged to be the strongest one in the Chinese pharmacology. This ingredient stimulates the cleansing mechanisms of the excretion organs (liver, intestines, skin, and lungs) and naturally absorbs the impurities (toxins, sweat, odour, etc.) of the feet.
Tourmaline is a fine semi-precious stone. Due to its negative polarity, the heated tourmaline behaves like a “magnet” that attracts the positive particles and removes the static electricity. Its grooved crystal structure channels the energy to reduce stress and to remove the blockades where the foot reflex zones are strengthened. These effects can be compared to the ones of a foot reflexology massage. The almond mushroom (Agaricus subrufescens) is harvested in the Brazilian jungle. It contains specific ingredients (beta glycan) that strengthen the immune system and allow fighting viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. Formerly known as “Gods’ mushrooms”, the agaricus subrufescens was traditionally used in treatments of atopic eczema and various allergies. Its absolute harmlessness has been proved by several scientific studies.

How should the DETOXI DRAINE patches be applied?
Make sure your foot is clean. Remove the protective film from the adhesive surface. Place the patch in the centre of this sheet, so that the loop surface touches your skin. Fix the patch to the sole of your foot in the evening, before going to bed. Remove the rest of the protective strip and smooth it for better adhesion. Wear sock during the night, to avoid the patch from falling off. Take out the patch in the morning, throw it away and wash your foot.

How can it be seen if the patch works properly?
As soon as the patch is placed on the sole of the foot, it radiates immediately a very pleasant warmth. Over night it will become darker, which means that it is absorbing the toxins and body wastes. The colour intensity of the patch will vary depending on the health state. It will become sticky or malodorous, depending on the amount of available and absorbed toxins. By applying the patches regularly, they will become gradually clearer and lighter, indicating a steady improvement in your health state. Do not reuse the patch that became brown: they have become ineffective due to the toxic waste!

How long should I use it?
In order to maximize the effects of its active ingredients use the DETOXI DRAINE patch for a minimum of eight hours. The darker the patch the more extensive the toxin content of your body. Through continued use the patches will become lighter in colour. Depending on your condition you will be completely clean in a matter of days or weeks! A clean patch means a clean body. We highly recommend using the patch regularly (every third month).

More information:
Do not use old or stained patches. Not for use by children under 15, pregnant or nursing women. Not for use by patients with pacemakers. Store out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with eyes (do not apply near eye area). In case of irritation or rash discontinue use.

Apply the patch to the sole of clean undamaged feet. Leave overnight for a minimum of eight hours. Remove the patch the following morning and dispose of it correctly. Apply every other night to the sole of the opposite foot, (first left then right). We recommend you use DETOXI DRAINE every three months.

7 Patches

Wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, starch and agaricus.



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Detoxi Draine

Detoxi Draine
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