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For Seniors

Vitamins (A-Z)

Vitamins (A-Z)
• Mineral Complex with 14 Minerals
• Vitamin Complex with 14 vitamins
• Pepper extract (piperine)
• Released through the course of the day
• Improved metabolic and physiological functions


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Vitamins (A-Z)
Product No.: LR566
240 Tabs à 750 mg = 180 g
$ 11,00

Vitamin (A-Z) is a multi-vitamin supplement with 28 essential vitamins and minerals that are evenly released over a long period of time. Vitamins (A-Z) promotes metabolism of fat, carbohydrate and protein, cell structure and immune and hormonal functions.
Vitamin (A-Z) contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, while another of Peak's products, Electrolyte, balances out the losses at the gym. The vitamins and minerals contained in Vitamin (A-Z) regulate many body processes, but cannot be compared to the effectiveness of Ultra A/Z complex.

What can I expect from Vitamin (A-Z)?
Vitamin (A-Z) is a complex of vitamins and minerals for good well being and performance.
Vitamin (A-Z) is not a substitute for good nutrition but guarantees an excellent supply of vitamins, minerals and highly valuable green tea and grape seed extracts. Vitamin (A-Z) is not a substitute for the variety of nutrients in a healthy diet.
For optimal muscle and strength building, supply the missing building substrates through a healthy diet and additional supplements (creatine, amino acids, highly glycemic carbohydrates, etc.). Muscle can only exist with a constant and adequate supply of amino acids. Therefore supply yourself with fast proteins (in the morning and before or after training) and slow proteins.

Function and Impact:
Vitamins and minerals are substance regulators, vital to the body and essential for general wellbeing and athletic excellence. In general, 28 vitamins and minerals can be found in a variety of meals such as meat, fish, milk, whole grain products, fruits and vegetables. However, thanks to modern life tyle, stress factors and the processing of food, supplementary diet is often needed. Vitamin shortages should be avoided, since the organism cannot function even if one of these substances is missing.
Vitamin complex of Vitamin (A-Z) consists of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K and biotin and diverse metabolic and physiological functions. Vitamin A, C, and E improve the immune system and have antioxidant properties, by protecting the body from free radicals. Vitamin E has rejuvenating properties (anti-aging). B vitamins are primarily involved in controlling energy processes and protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism and optimizing the utilization of amino acids. Biotin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H) is important for healthy hair and nails. Vitamin D improves, among other things, absorption of calcium and thereby strengthens bones and teeth, while vitamin K plays an important role in coagulation.
Magnesium and zinc are involved in numerous metabolic and physiological functions and in more than 300 enzymes (as biocatalysts). For example, they control protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, cell structure, endocrine system, the body's major immune functions and features. Potassium and chromium promote muscle building, regeneration, muscle growth and muscle volume.
Piperine from pepper extract has antimicrobial properties, which means that it reduces the risk of infection by harmful microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi, and stimulates absorption. Piperine stimulates bioavailability and effectiveness of all the above mentioned ingredients of Vitamin (A-Z).
In total, minerals and vitamins are involved in numerous vital functions, and should be an essential part of any modern diet. Vitamin (A-Z) contains everything necessary to improve regeneration and development processes.

More information:
This recommended dosage is sufficient to supplement but not to replace a balanced diet with varied nutrition. The dose should not be exceeded. Please store this product out of reach of children.

Take 2 tablets a day with plenty of liquid. The vitamins and minerals are released oven a the whole course of the day. However, consume several hours offset from one another, so that a uniform vital nutrient supply is guaranteed throughout the entire day. Combine with Oxicare to multiply the synergistic effect of vitamins and particularly strong antioxidant and health effects.

240 Tabs à 750 mg = 180 g

Calcium hydrogen phosphate, vitamins mixture (ascorbic acid, niacine, α-tocopherol acetate, calcium-D-pantothenate, thiaminnitrat, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin A-acetate, folic acid, biotine, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin), calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, inulin, potassium chloride, lubricant: vegetable fat hardened and magnesium stearate, iron phosphate, zinc oxide, pepper extract, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, phytomenadione, ß-carotene, chromium chloride, sodium iodide, sodium phosphate, sodium molybdate, sodium selenate, lubricant: silicium dioxide.



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Vitamins (A-Z)

Vitamins (A-Z)
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