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For Seniors

Immune Boost

Immune Boost

Strengthens your natural defences throughout the whole year!


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Immune Boost
Product No.: LR514
30 capsules
$ 47,00
  • Increases the activity of the Natural Killer cells (NK) within the two hours after the intake.
  • Stimulates the production of specificwhite blood cell (lymphocytes B & T)
  • Increases the natural production of interferon and antibodies
  • Contains clinically tested ingredients: EpiCor®, Vitamin C & D, Selenium and Zinc
  • Risk-Free for adults and children over 9 years of age.
  • One single intake a day.

Health and immunity are closely linked: taking care of you health every day allows improving your immune system and vice-versa. Adopting a healthy, varied and well-balanced diet, avoiding stress, sleeping well, having a good physical activity are essential conditions for preserving the natural defences. Our body constantly faces exterior attacks which only require a flaw of our immune system in order to enter our organism and provoke a disease. Unfortunately, we do not all have a strong immune system; furthermore, it weakens with age.

The complex formula of Natrol®’s Immune Boost, encloses the key substances of a healthy, strong and ready to react immune system: Vitamin C & D, bioactive molecules issued from yeast and dietary minerals like Selenium and Zinc. Numerous clinical essays have demonstrated that Immune Boost is a secure and natural supplement, supporting and strengthening the immune system throughout the whole year.

Natrol®’s Immune Boost contains the EpiCor® complex, which increases the activity of the Natural Killers (NK) within the two hours after the intake. Vital for the good function of immune system, NK are in first line of the natural defences of our organism. They detoxify and destroy the pathogen agents and the infected cells by viruses. EpiCor® reinforces the active molecules issued from yeast rich in Protein and Vitamins from the group B, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. EpiCor® helps produces more antibodies (immunoglobulines A) which prevent the infectious agents from linking with the mucous and epidermis cells. Vitamin C & D as well as Selenium and Zinc accelerate the white blood cell production (lymphocytes B & T) an interferon’s which play a crucial role within the immune system.

1 capsule a day with meals. Children age 9 and above: mix the cotenant of one capsule with the favourite meal.

30 capsules

Vitamin C 60mg, vitamine D3 2 000 IU, selenium (issued from yeast rich in Selenium SelenoExell®) 200 mg, EpiCor® (complex issued from yeast) 500 mg.

Other Ingredients:
Gelatine, silica, water, magnesium stearate, organic rice flour, maltodextrin.

Wheat, milk, egg, soy, gluten, colours and artificial fragrance, sugar and preservatives.



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Immune Boost

Immune Boost
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