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For Seniors

Water Pill

Water Pill

Weight management!

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Water Pill
Product No.: LR205
60 Tablets
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This is why you should implement "Water Pill" as a nutritional supplement:
• It promotes a balanced level of the lipids in the body
• It regulates the amount of water in the cells, thus enhancing its excretion through the kidneys
• It can fight water retentions
• It can treat water retentions and acts as a supporting treatment for inflammations
• It enhances weight loss
• It's an antiseptic and diuretic agent...

The development of a water retention or oedema is due to the fact that the body accumulates more fluid than it discharges. While the body should contain 50 to 60 % of water, this value reads at least 65 % with humans suffering from oedemata. People with water retentions often wake up with their eyelids swollen. They often suffer from swellings of the feet, hands and stomachs. Some women even experience pains in the breasts.

Various factors are responsible for water retentions: Excess salt, menstruation, pregnancy, hormonal disorder or the intake of steroids. Frequent standing for long periods of time, exposure to heat or varicose veins can also lead to water retentions. This should not be disregarded! Though there is no agent that works miracles some natural remedies (plants, vitamins, and mineral substances) turn out to be very useful to prevent oedemata from developing or to help reduce them.

Water Pill works gently and efficiently. That way, the lipid level of your body is maintained in a natural way. Water Pill contains vitamin B6, potassium, calcium and extracts from medicinal plants (Bucco, parsley, Uva ursi, and juniper). This nutrient mixture provides a gentle yet efficient formula to enhance a balanced level of the lipids in the body in an entirely natural manner. In conjunction with a healthy diet and an exercise program, Water Pill contributes to the degradation of excess water and the reduction of feelings of bloating.

Potassium regulates the amount of fluid in the cells and promotes its excretion through the kidneys. In addition, it takes care of an adrenal hormone called aldosterone, which is part of the sodium metabolism. As a result, potassium helps to fight water retention. Furthermore, this micronutrient enables the neuromuscular function thus increasing the tonus, and consequently, the energy consumption.

Calcium helps with premenstrual water retention. 75 % of all women taking it turned out to be satisfied.

Bucco is a medicinal plant from South Africa. It is predominantly used as a diuretic and antiseptic agent for the immune system. Pregnant women are advised not to take it since it may result in miscarriages.

The bearberry plant, Uva ursi has a diuretic, thinning and antiseptic effect on the urinary tract. It is used for treating involuntary urinary incontinence, water retention as well as various inflammations in the pelvis, kidneys and urethra.

Juniper berries remove water retentions and promote weight loss. They are employed as a diuretic and antiseptic agent.

Vitamin B6 is regarded as "women's vitamin" and reduces oedemata, which are caused by PMS (or menopause) whose symptoms can occur in the form of mood swings or a noticeable irritability. Taking a dosage of over 250 mg per day helps to reduce the premenstrual water retention significantly.

Note: Should the issue with the water retention remain do not hesitate to consult a physician. Water retention is not seen as a normal situation. Some of the causes can be very serious and may require medical intervention. It is important to know that an oedema may persist a few hours or even several weeks. Consequently, you should not deal with this issue light-heartedly. Water retention can be seen as a symptom for diseases of the heart, liver or kidney. Consult your physician.

More information:
Do not exceed the daily dosage.

Take 2 tablets daily over a course of 5 days at mealtimes or in combination with some juice (or as otherwise advised by your therapist). After 5 days of intake, a break of one week should be taken.

60 Tablets

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) 150 mg, calcium (calcium carbonate) 260 mg, potassium (potassium gluconate) 100 mg, Bucco extract (leave) 100 mg, parsley extract (leave) 100 mg, bearberry extract (Uva ursi) (leave) 100 mg, and juniper berry extract (berry).

Other Ingredients:
Stearic acid, acacia gum, cellulose, silica, cellulose, magnesium stearate, methylcellulose, glycerine, maltodextrin, carnaubau wax.

Yeast, wheat, corn, milk, egg, gluten, sugar, starch, animal derivatives, artificial colours or preservatives.



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Water Pill

Water Pill
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